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Importance of Sales Associates

With increase in variety of businesses in today’s world, the occupation of sales associate has become increasingly popular, and organizations are hiring employees that have successful client administration abilities (customer service skills) and keep up positive collaborations with clients. They also have good communication skills. Numerous organizations employ sales associatesfor the purpose of marketing of their items or stock of itemsbecause clients give positive criticism around an organization when the sales associates make them feel acknowledged and esteemed. Consequently, a few organizations support customer service training programs for entry level sales associates. A few organizations are now furnishing training programs for these sales associate in accordance to the organization rules and policies.


Sales associate’s duties


Sales associates require a certain set of skills that are needed to fulfill the duties in the organization. They spend a vast segment of their work day corresponding with clients, giving data in regards to item advantages and guaranteeing that clients are fulfilled by their involvement in the store.Therefore, there is a proper sales associate job description that explains all the responsibilities of the employee. The particular occupation duties may comprise of:


  • Keeping the workplace perfect and clean.
  • Guaranteeing that all items or stock are set in their individual regions.
  • Guaranteeing that all stock is renewed.
  • Helping clients find stock or find suitable choices.
  • Taking an enthusiasm for infrequent gathering social affair.
  • Effectively occupied with growing more viable client administration attitudes.
  • Being proficient about the advantages and employments of every item.
  • Corresponding with supervisors in regards to client concerns and worker matters.
  • Welcome clients with a positive disposition.
  • Keeping up an excited and peppy identity.
  • Taking care of offers exchanges, which may incorporate working money registers.
  • Giving legit and positive criticism to clients with respect to the best items that fit the clients’ expectations.

Skills possessed by sales associates

Most sales associates are obliged to work in a group situation, and along these lines, they must have viable interpersonal relational (PR) abilities as per the sales associate job description. At the point when clients enter the retail store, they normally correspond with sales associatesbefore talking with the manager and other departmental representatives. Therefore, sales associates must hold fast to organization approaches and systems and associate with clients based upon their managers’ desires. They additionally must keep up a satisfactory and fashionable appearance notwithstanding speaking the truth with every client.

Salaries of sales associates 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, retail sales workers made a median of $10.09 an hour, or $20,990 yearly in 2010.

The future of associates 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that retail sales workers are expected to grow at about 17% over the next 10 years, which is considered average growth.

Interaction with Co-workers

Retail sale workers are colleagues in coalition with different sale associates in every organization or office. They are obliged to keep up positive associations with their colleagues and give help to other collaborators, which is an indispensable part of being in a group situation. They might likewise be obliged to associate absolutely and professionally with workers in other organization divisions.